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Coil Cleaning

Pro Clean AC are Dubai's Experts in Coil Cleaning.

Ensuring that your coils are free of dirt, debris and mould within your AC system with our 10-Step Process:

Step 1 - Protect surrounding area and furniture: Before beginning the cleaning process, it is important to protect the surrounding area and furniture from any potential damage or contamination by the cleaning process. This will involve covering floors and furniture with protective coverings, such as plastic sheeting.

Step 2 - Accessing the Coil: The next step is to gain access to the evaporator coils, which is typically done by removing the filters or cover. This may require cutting additional ceiling hatches to gain access to the coil, if the hatch fitted by the contractor is not in the correct position. We then ensure that the power to the AC unit is turned off before accessing the coils to avoid any potential electrical hazards.

Step 3 - Check Condition of the Coils: Before cleaning the coils, the technician will visually inspect the condition of the coils, checking for any signs of damage or wear. This step is important to identify any potential issues that may impact the efficiency of the AC unit or our cleaning service.

Step 4 - Setting up the high powered Jet Wash: Once the coils are accessible and checked, the next step is to set up the high-powered angled jet wash. This specialized cleaning tool uses high-pressure water to forcefully remove dirt, dust and mould from the coils. We ensure that the jet wash is set to the appropriate pressure level to avoid damaging the coil fins. 

Step 5 - Spraying our Coil Cleaning Chemical: Before using the jet wash, a specialised coil cleaning chemical is applied to the coils. This chemical is designed to dissolve any dirt, dust, and mould that has accumulated on the coils, making it easier to remove with the jet wash. The coil cleaning chemical is usually sprayed using a handheld sprayer.

Step 6 - Wait 10 minutes: After the cleaning chemical is applied, it is allowed to sit on the coils for 10 minutes, to allow the chemical to dissolve any dirt, dust, and mould on the coils.

Step 7 - Cleaning with the Jet Wash to flush through any residual chemical and clear remaining dust and debris: This step is using the jet wash to flush through any residual chemical and clear remaining dust and debris. It is important to ensure that the jet wash is used in a consistent and controlled manner to avoid damaging the coil fins.

Step 8 - Cleaning of Drain trays and pipes mounted under the unit: Drain trays are located under the indoor unit and are responsible for collecting condensate water. These trays should be cleaned regularly to prevent water from overflowing and potentially causing water damage.

Step 9 - Sanitize the coil using our DM Approved Bio-Sanitiser: After cleaning the coils and drain trays, a bio-sanitizer is applied. This product is approved by Dubai Municipality (DM) and is designed to kill any remaining bacteria, mold or other microorganisms that may be present on the coils.

Step 10 - Test the system: After completing the cleaning and sanitizing process, the AC unit is turned on, checked and tested for proper operation to ensure that the AC unit is functioning correctly and cleaned effectively.
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Save money on your bills with our 10-Step Process.

Dust and debris restrict the flow of air to and from the components of your HVAC system. When the coils are clogged, your air condition unit has to consume more energy to do its job. Keeping coils clean will ensure your ducts can supply your living spaces with cool fresh air.

Coil Cleaning Dubai
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