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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions.

At Pro Clean AC our staff are trained by British engineers. We come fully equipped on time with a friendly attitude. We can service your villa, apartment or work place with our industry leading machines.

The moment you make contact with us you will know instantly that we are not like any other company you have come across before in Dubai. We pride ourselves on a very efficient service from start to finish. So for any air conditioning cleaning needs contact us for a prompt, professional & friendly service guaranteed! Check out our
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Pro Clean AC are always here to help you.

What are the rates for AC cleaning?
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Please call, WhatsApp or fill in one of our forms.
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When should I have my AC cleaned?
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The short answer is every 6-12 months depending on the system and usage. Filters should be cleaned every 3-6 months.
What are the side effects of not cleaning AC?
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If you are experiencing any cold like symptoms, itchy skin, rashes or regular headaches this could be a result of poorly maintained AC.
Will I be sent pictures once the cleaning is finished?
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Yes, you will be sent a minimum of 10 photos of the work carried out for your records and peace of mind.
What if I already suffer from asthma or respiratory difficulties?
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If you already have asthma or other respiratory problems then poorly maintained AC system can have a very serious impact on your health.
What are the signs my AC needs cleaning?
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If your grills are looking dusty or discolored this is great indication that your ac needs cleaning. Another common sign you need AC cleaning is insufficient cooling or musky damp smells coming from the AC vents.
Why is AC cleaning important to me?
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It is very important to ensure your AC system is regularly cleaned because of the air quality and its impact on you, your family's or employee's health.

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