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Once the service is complete, we are very grateful for all Google reviews as this helps us spread the word throughout Dubai and beyond about our work. We want to continue providing a 5 star service and we kindly welcome all Google reviews as the last step in our world class service!‍

How to Get Ready for a Professional Duct Cleaning Appointment

Hiring a professional service always comes with high expectations, and rightly so. When getting ready for a duct cleaning appointment, the first step is always to hire a company. When parting with your hard earnt cash, customers demand only the very best. Luckily, word of mouth and Google reviews allow for informed decisions and at Pro Clean AC we are very proud of our countless exemplary 5 star reviews, the greatest testament to our dedication to a first-class service. 

How to Get Ready for a Professional Duct Cleaning Appointment

When choosing a professional duct cleaning appointment, the bar is even higher given the work is happening in the house! At Pro Clean AC, we make the appointment as easy and stress free as possible. We communicate clearly and precisely to ensure you have all the information you need.

Cleanliness is key in advance of a professional duct clean. Duct cleaning specialists require clear access to vents to allow access for the cleaning equipment. Clearing enough space will allow our trusted experts to do their job efficiently. We’ll take care of any furniture that needs to be put out the way, you can relax and let yourself marvel at the quick and easy turnaround of the job. Our experts will leave the room in the same state as we found it.

Pro Clean AC prides itself on the punctuality of our staff. Once a time and date is confirmed for the professional duct clean.

Duct cleaning can be noisy so customers must decide whether to remain in the house for the service. We understand the interest in duct cleaning and the magical process to transform dirty duct into a well-oiled glistening machine but this can be explained after the servicing. If the house will be empty, the customer should let the experts know how to secure the house when leaving.

If the customer does stay in the house, we advise a walk through the house to show the areas of concern. This will allow for clear expectations for the clean with a discussion on the areas of concern. 

After the job is done, the team are on hand to discuss anything or answer any questions you may have. We can answer any queries on the spot and ensure we leave happy customers. The duct cleaning equipment we use is very technical but we will do our best to explain the process as quick and easy as possible. It is our job after all! 

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