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Most Common Air Conditioner Myths

Even though air conditioning technology has existed for a long time, many individuals experience difficulty isolating specific cooling realities from fiction. Over time, a portion of these misguided judgments have come to be acknowledged as common sense, so we're here to put any misinformation to rest. Here is the reality behind the absolute most common air conditioning myths.

The AC is the primary requirement on hot days, as intense heat, constant perspiring, and feeling depleted from both are normal. We can't imagine Dubai summers without an air conditioner. Others may be considering how much a climate control system should be utilised during the day. Many may be stressed over the increasing energy bills. Many myths have surrounded us, so let's look at the most common myths.

Most Common Air Conditioner Myths

The Bigger The Size Of the AC, The Better

The size of your air conditioner matters, yet it's more vital to find a reasonably measured unit for your home, in addition to the greatest one you can find. Additionally, inappropriately estimated AC systems will generally use more energy due to them not cooling quickly enough if the unit is too small.

There Is No Need Clean Vent Fins And AC Ducts in Dubai

This is not true! Layers of residue and grime can block your airflow moving through your ducts and filters. Assuming you never clean your Ducts, that grime is costing you cash and diminishing efficiency. Duct Cleaning is essential when living in Dubai. 

No Need Of Maintenance For AC 

Air Conditioners have many Compressors, condensers, fans, evaporators, filters, AC Ducts, and so on. They all carry out a specific role. Yet, with average utilization, they also experience mileage like other gadgets. A blower is the core of a forced-air system and should be very much greased to run effectively.

While you can guarantee a tidy-up from outside, letting an expert run the support of your Air Conditioners is, in every case, best. Try not to trust that the AC will not quit working before you call for cleaning or maintenance. AC Cleaning is an essential part of air conditioner maintenance which should be done regularly.

Setting Your Thermostat Lower Makes a Room Cool Faster

Cooling a room or your home will continuously involve time. Regardless of whether you set the thermostat at the most reduced conceivable setting, your AC unit will keep running at a similar speed. Utilising a programmable indoor thermostat might assist with temperature varieties. You could build the temperature when you are not home by a couple of degrees and change the temperature before you get back. This will assist with avoiding the exceptional increment or lessening in temperature.

The nearer your thermostat setting is to the external temperature, the more you'll save. There is, anyhow, an exemption for each standard. Typically, utilizing the highest fan speed and coolest temperature setting will chill things quicker, yet remember to change it when you get to your ideal temperature (or set it to auto!).

Air Conditioning Can Cause Cold/Allergies

Maybe one of the most well-known confusions related to cooling. Cooling can further develop indoor air quality and decrease the possibility of becoming sick. Air conditioner systems are fitted with filters that catch residue and pet dander, lessening the reason for sensitivities but if they aren’t cleaned this can hinder the performance of the filters.

Not cleaning your AC will result in dust build ups which will increase your chances of being affect by allergies, sore throat and coughing due to the poor air quality which with the climate in Dubai being so humid and dusty, this can happen very regularly.

There is No Need To Replace Air Filters

Air filters accumulate dust and debris particles. This causes a strain on the AC, which powers your AC unit to work harder. This outcome in more effective power use and higher service bills. A clean filter eliminates airborne particulates, going from residue to undetectable infinitesimal particles. A dirty or dusty filter, nonetheless, can exacerbate indoor air by going about as a repository for dust, and other airborne impurities that are constantly circled once more into your breathing air.

Most of the time cleaning of the filters would be sufficient but if they become damaged or broken they would need to be replaced.

Air Conditioners Are Only For Summers

This is not true, air conditioners are used all year round in Dubai and the Middle East. With the temperature being regularly over 35 degrees daily it is very important to have your AC working and in a clean condition to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooling.

Lastly - In this topic, we have seen all the myths, but the fact is that AC Service is essential for the excellent health of your air conditioner. 

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