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The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Improved air quality throughout your home

Duct cleaning will contribute greatly towards the air quality throughout your home. Providing a cleaner and safer environment to live, sleep and in recent times, work as well. This can improve focus and also improve your sleep.

Improved air quality

Elimination of allergens and bacteria

The sanitisation within our service plays a big part in eradicating bacteria from within the duct system. This is performed using a fogging machine that coats the inside of the duct and coil with a sanitiser.

Improving airflow and efficiency

Clearing the dust from inside the the duct and filters is essential for allowing air flow through your ducts and then into your home. With any sort of blockages or clogged filters/ducts, this will create a strain on the system and not allow as much air through to the grills or diffusers. This will then eventually have a negative affect on the unit and could cause cooling issues in the future.

Boosts lifespan of ventilation system

Regular duct cleaning can dramatically increase the life span of your AC system. Whether its the AC Unit itself, or the duct and it's lining, allowing for a build up of dust and mould can eat into materials and permanently stain them as well as eat into the material causing particles to be blown into your home.

Preventative maintenance to minimise AC maintenance and repair costs

Following our recommended cleaning regime will minimise AC maintenance and repair costs. We recommend a deep clean of your AC system every year, with quarterly minor services to achieve the performance your system is capable of.

Improvement of unpleasant odours

A deep clean of your AC system will improve unpleasant odours and smells. Within our service we clear all the dust from the ducts, filters and vents. Using this method of cleaning regularly stops mould from forming and then in turn smells and odours are prevented.

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