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The best solution to having safe indoor air quality is regularly cleaning the duct systems. At Pro Clean AC we are here to help and our countless 5 star Google reviews show you will receive a world-class service. Drop us a message today to discuss this in more detail.

Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality in 2022

Fresh, clean air is important for a healthy home. Safe indoor air quality is a must to ensure everyone can live a happy and prosperous life. However, air quality in our home is often a lot dirtier than we imagine. Unfortunately, measuring air quality is difficult so the right precautionary steps must be taken to keep people safe. 

First, it is important to note the home consists of countless complex machines, appliances and potential pollutants. Chemicals and gases are emitted through even basic household tasks with contamination leading to potential deadly health risks. These can all contribute negatively to air quality with contaminants damaging the long-term health of residents. 

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As we move into summer, Pro Clean AC are committed to ensuring Dubai residents breathe cleaner air. The floor surfaces must be clean at all times. Guests and residents must be encouraged to take off shoes in the home. The soles of shoes are breeding grounds for dirty debris and can unwittingly bring in trace amounts of pesticides. A simple shoe rack can ensure the dirt remains at the door and away from the all important AC vents.

Regular cleaning of the home is key to ensuring high quality air. Vacuuming regularly will remove the dirt and dust, ensuring pollutants are kept away. Slow and steady vacuuming ensures all dirt is removed and the home is left glistening. For example, rugs trap dangerous allergens and can pollute the home. These surfaces are well used and dirt can easily spread.

We all have a favourite sofa in the house. How surprised would you be if these too were full of pollutants? As we sit in our sofa, we bring all the dirt from our day into the home. Regular cleaning of the sofa will ensure these are kept out of the home. Vacuuming with a HEPA filter will remove microscopic particles and clean furniture should be kept outside for several days before being bought in. 

The Dubai sun can be relentless in summer. Residents across the city come inside to escape the uncomfortable humid conditions. Dry air can cause surfaces to crack with potentially fatal consequences. For better indoor quality, we advise a humidity level in the home of between 40 and 50 percent and a hygrometer will allow easily management of the humidity levels. 

Candles are also a potential hazard with indoor air quality. Despite our best intentions, candles release toxins and synthetic fragrances linked to allergies. Natural alternatives made with beeswax burn cleaner and longer, ensuring the air quality is not negatively impacted. 

Despite all the aforementioned solutions, sometimes the best remedy is the simplest. The simple act of opening a window or patio door for several minutes a day can be a big game changer with indoor air quality. Opening the window brings in fresh air and helps cut down on pollutants. Fresh air does wonders for the indoor quality and also boosts our mood. 

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