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The importance of keeping your Air Conditioner Filters Clean - AC filters can get blocked with dust and debris. Keeping your Air Conditioner Filters clean improves your air quality and increases the air flow throughout your air ducts.

What will happen if I don’t get my air conditioner serviced?

Not servicing your AC conditioner can have a negative effect on your air quality. It can cause acute asthma, coughing and even skin issues (itching and rashes). These issues are caused by the excess of allergens and bacteria, this can be prevented using our method of cleaning and sanitising your air conditioning system.

Why Air Conditioning Cleaning Is Necessary

With the air not being able to move as freely through the filter and ducts, this can cause the AC system to work harder than it needs to, increasing your electricity bill and the chances of a breakdown. An AC system that's not clean can cause DEWA bills to spike unexpectedly.

Why Air Conditioning Cleaning Is Necessary

Air conditioning cleaning is necessary to help improve allergies or other health issues for you and your family that can arise if the AC system is neglected.

Cleaning can be a preventative measure to reduce the costs of costly AC maintenance bills.

When an air conditioner isn't cleaned, dust and even mould can block filters, coils and other parts of the AC, this then puts a strain on the system when the cool air is being blown into your home, causing potentially costly electricity bills in the process due to it's inefficiency.

What Air Conditioning Cleaning Service Should Include

  • Cleaning of the Filters
  • Cleaning of the Outdoor Unit (Not applicable in most apartments)
  • Cleaning of the Ducts
  • Cleaning of the Grills
  • Cleaning of the Diffusers
  • Cleaning of the Coil (If necessary)
  • Sanitisation

Don’t duck away from AC Duct Cleaning!

Neglecting your AC system can be costly and be a major inconvenience, especially living in a place as hot as Dubai! Having regular cleaning and servicing may seem unnecessary until it's too late. Improve your health and book a free inspection today.

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