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Why is my Air Conditioner leaking?

air conditioner leaking

AC cleaning is vital to keeping your AC system in good condition and preventing issues such as leaks

Leaking AC can be caused by a number of things, including the following:

  • Blocked Drain Tray - Each AC unit has a drainage tray underneath to catch any condensation and debris that falls from the coil. After an extended period, the water and dust congeal and creates a jelly-like substance, if this is left too long it will clog inside the tray and drain pipe. Once this has clogged the drain will back up, fill the tray and then start to leak over the edges of the tray, this can cause damage to the ceiling and turn into mould.
  • Insulation - Around chilled water pipes is the insulation that's been fitted to minimise the condensation from the cold pipe meeting the warm air of Dubai. This can deteriorate over time and cause water to drop onto your cavity space, sometimes in places that aren’t accessible, which would cause damage. To rectify this you would potentially have to create access panels in the ceiling to get closer to the chilled water lines and other pipes that are insulated.
  • Evaporator Coils - These are a crucial part of the cooling system within your home. Each of your AC controllers would have its own evaporator coil which cools the air as it travels from the system before it reaches inside the rooms in your home. These coils can collect dust and debris over time and become clogged. Once these are clogged the debris can fall into the drain tray and block the drain, again causing the tray to overflow and leak.
  • Drain Tray Installation - From when your AC was installed the developer would have fitted a drain tray and had to ensure it was level to encourage the water to fall down towards the drain so it can drain freely. There are occasions where you may have had work completed or some renovations and the drain tray may have been adjusted or removed temporarily to allow for contractors to access certain areas in your cavity space, in some cases it can be installed back incorrectly and causes the water to not run freely down the drain pipe, causing it to spill over.
  • Rusted Drain Tray - Relevant to some of the older communities in Dubai, metal drain trays can start to rust and corrode. With them constantly having water in them or flowing over the surface, this makes them very susceptible to becoming rusty and then eventually corroding. This usually happens around the welded joins of the tray or on the bends where the coating corrodes. This can also happen around the drain pipe fitting. Once a drain tray rusts it is advisable to have it replaced. 
  • Refrigerant Gas - The lack of refrigerant gas in your AC units can cause leaks with the AC. The units can freeze up with the incorrect gas levels, which when the AC is switched off, melts and then leaks through from the unit, onto your ceiling, again unless resolved it could damage your ceiling and also cause mould if left to sit for too long.

In summary, there are many reasons why your AC may leak, we hope the above list has informed you as to how important it is to clean your AC and keep it in tip top condition, especially in Dubai where we rely on it so much.

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