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Here at Pro Clean AC, we understand the importance of year-round, clean and effective air conditioning. We work tirelessly in Dubai to ensure families are cool and safe during the tough, hot summer months.Our Google Reviews speak for themselves; we keep the mould away and let the families play! 

Tips to Prevent Mould in Your Air Duct System

Having a clean air duct system is essential to maintaining a safe and effective air conditioning unit. Regular servicing ensures units can function safely and to the best of their ability. Air must flow freely through clean filter and ducts to reduce the chance of a breakdown. 

Tips to Prevent Mould in Your Air Duct System

Mould is undoubtedly the enemy when it comes to the air duct system and it can be dangerous for our health. Mould is all around us so can be hard to manage but difficult to see, as the spores are invisible to the naked eye. 

Mould can particularly problematic for people sensitive to mould with respiratory illnesses such as asthma particularly negatively affected. Pro Clean AC understands the importance of regular cleaning and has the tried and tested strategies to keep everyone in Dubai safe throughout the year:

  • Regular cleaning of air filters is crucial to ensure mould spores do not spread and block the filtration system. Clogged filters provide the perfect hotbed for mould to grow and impede the airflow with negative long-term effects only eradicated by a deep clean.
  • Controlling moisture is fundamental to preventing long-term mould in the air conditioning system. Moisture is a result of a leak or spill not cleaned up properly or high humidity. Regular cleaning of the condenser and evaporator coils controls condensation and reduces the risk of water leakages.
  • Pro Clean AC uses the best cleaning products and industry-leading machines to ensure all customers receive a first class service, leaving the air duct systems fit and healthy! 
  • AC drainage systems must be clean to ensure the duct system runs effectively. The drip tray must should be clear but can easily become clogged because of overuse in the heat of Dubai leaving the unit susceptible to dangerous mould.
  • The unblocking of grates and air returns ensures the air can flow properly throughout all parts of the system thus keeping moisture well managed.
  • Air filters are key to preventing dust and debris clogging of the air duct system. Mould in the air filters impedes the airflow, increasing the risk of health problems. Regular AC and duct cleans keeps the air filters clear and prevents serious illness.  
  • The furniture in the house must not block the air vents and create unsafe air conditions. The strategic placing of furniture will ensure the best conditions for the duct system.

Fear not, effective mould treatment is here and available in Dubai with the right professional help. The above steps can mitigate the negative impacts of mould but ultimately the best strategy is regular deep cleaning by industry experts. 

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